Brick & Tile

Brick & Tile

The Hire Centre's brick and tile cutters are precision cutting tools fit for cutting anything from bricks and tiles to ceramic and stone.

Don’t guess the size of a brick or tile piece! Brick & tile cutting has never been easier, thanks to our advanced brick and tile cutting tools.

Visit our store in Onrus which is right next to Hermanus and let us help you choose the best brick and tile cutter for your needs to hire and rental.

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Alba TVR-3M

UsesCutting Masonry ProductsCutting Natural StoneApplicationFor cutting masonry productsFor cutting ..

Electro Montolit 930

UsesCutting Ceramic TilesCutting Masonry ProductsCutting Porcelain TilesCutting StoneMitering Cerami..

Monolit Mosaic Tile Cutter

Uses Cutting Ceramic TilesCutting Mosaic TilesApplicationFor cutting mosaics and ceramic tilesK..